Beginner (in English)

Getting started at LingQ with German
(Learn German with LingQ)

You are starting to learn German. Maybe you are unsure about what to do now.
Here you find some hints about which Material you can choose as a beginner on LingQ.

Then there are some tips about what is important in order to succeed as a beginner and to overcome the problems you will experience at first.

If you have any questions use the „Ask your tutor“ forum on LingQ! The German tutors and members are glad to help you.

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Material to start with:
You can explore the library on your own, or you can follow these courses:

No Knowledge:
Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!
Now English translation for lesson 01.01 to 04.13 is available!

Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Training
English translation for all lessons!

Elli’s small world for beginners – Relatives
English translation for lessons #EW01 to #EW07 is available!

Beginner 1:
Beispiele – Patterns – Beginner
English translation for all lessons!

Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Privat!

Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Annas Tagebuch!

Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Auf Reisen – Traveling

Simple dialogues

Greetings and goodbyes


Deutsch lernen mit kurzen Texten
English translation for all lessons!

Einfache Geschichten

Vera’s diary for Beginners
English translation for lessons #000 to #014, #201 to #204 and #501 to #505 is available!
Traductions disponibles en français pour les leçons #000 à #016!

Anfänger ohne Vorkenntnisse – Satzbildung – Fragen

Meine Tochter und ich

Who is she?

Eating out

Alltagssituationen für Beginner I und II (Daily situations for beginner I and II)

Beginner 2:
Grammatik – Grammar
English translation and lesson notes for all lessons!


Sprachhilfe mit Irene – Fragen und vieles andere

Sprachhilfe mit Irene – Alltagsbereich

Anfänger ohne Vorkenntnisse

Essen + Trinken

Veras Tagebuch

Erste Sätze – First sentences
English translation is available!

If you feel more comfortable:
Explore the library on your own!

Keep motivated.
Enjoy learning. Choose activities you like!
Develop a daily routine
– How often will you study German?
– It is best is to have regular times dedicated to your study.
– How much time do you have every day?
– Which activities will you do?
Don’t focus on grammar. Use the shortest grammar book (or advice on the internet) that you can find. Do not expect to understand or remember it all. Use it as reference or for occasional review.
Mostly try to enjoy your listening and reading and above all – be patient!

Assignments for beginners:
Regularly review the LingQs on the LingQ of the day email. Do not worry if you fall behind.
Choose a lesson
Listen to the lesson
Read the lesson
Create LingQs from this lesson
Use „+Comment“ to ask questions related to the lesson on the forum!

Other activities:
Make friends, write on their walls, and follow their activities.
Read on the forum.
Write on the forum. There are forums for a lot of languages. Try it out!

Don’t stress yourself. Only try to speak if you feel comfortable. First acquire some vocabulary.

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